The Elf on the Shelf Activity Kit contains instructions and materials for a create-your-own Activity Advent Calendar Kit, an Elf on the Shelf with a cheat sheet of ideas for things to do with your elf each day in December, and printed arrival and departure letters from your elf, to set up the magic. 


Create a magical Christmas for your kids by following the cheat sheet and creating a cheeky persona for your magical Elf on the Shelf. Give him a name and watch him get up to all kinds of mischief in the days leading up to Christmas.


The activity advent calendar kit contains lots of fun activity ideas, such as visit a christmas light display, write a letter to santa, make a christmas decoration, plus some blank cards so you can come up with your own fun activities to do together to get into the Christmas spirit.


Contents may vary slighlty from those pictured.

Elf on the Shelf Activity Kit




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