The Bird Watching Activity Box contains instructions and materials for 4 bird-themed crafts, plus other activities and games for hours and hours of fun!


Included is a colourful activity booklet, all the supplies needed to go along with each activity, native bird colouring, drawing and writing activities with coloured pencils, native bird stickers, pull and go bird toy, binoculars, mini native bird notebook, and a pencil. The four activities included are:

  • Make your own birdhouse 
  • DIY native bird snowglobe
  • Create your own bird airscout launcher
  • Make your own native bird mask


Up to two weeks turn around time for all Activity Box orders to be packed, please let me know if your order is needed by a certain date and I will do my best to get it ready in time. Contents may vary slighlty from those pictured.

Bird Watching Activity Box




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