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Fun Things to do at Home this Easter

For our family, Easter is usually about going camping, spending time with extended family and enjoying the outdoors before Autumn really takes hold. This year we won't be able to do most of that, but I will still be trying to make it a special weekend for our family. I was trying to think of some activities we could do to celebrate Easter at home, so I thought I would share some of my ideas here.

1. Make Easter Chocolate Bark

This is something I love to do every Easter with my kids, and also for my classes. It's a simple but really fun activity, and something you can do with supplies that are easy to find at your local supermarket.

2. Plan an Easter scavenger hunt

This is always my kids favourite part of Easter. Every year we do a scavenger hunt on Sunday morning, and at the end of it, they get their Easter baskets of goodies. Most of the time we make up our own clues, but you can find some really cool ones online that you can just print out and hide around the house, like these ones:

3. Paint some Easter egg rocks together

Kids (and adults) of all ages love to paint rocks, so this is a great activity to do together as a family. Then once you have finished painting them and they've had time to dry, you can use your rocks to do an Easter egg hunt outside. Get an adult to hide the rocks, then the kids have to go looking for them, and if you want to you could let them swap the rocks they find for actual Easter eggs.

4. Play some fun family Easter games

There are heaps of free printable Easter games online, so if you have a printer at home, print out some of these fun games to play as a family to make your Easter even more special:

5. Do lots of creative Easter activities

You know I love any excuse to get crafty, and Easter is one of my favourite crafty holidays. There are about 5 million Easter-themed crafts you could do if you had the right supplies on hand, but as craft supplies are a bit hard to come by at the moment, here are some activities you can do with supplies that you should be able to get from your local supermarket or already have at home:

Make a no-sew sock bunny

Make cute bunny nose masks

Set up a fizzing Easter sensory bin

Set up an Easter playdough activity

Draw some Picasso inspired bunnies

Make a bunny pom pom popper

I hope you all manage to have a magical Easter weekend at home with your family, however you choose to spend it!! Stay safe and well xx

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