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Do You Believe in Magick?

Life is all about change and growth, and I believe an important part of that growth is learning to be in tune with the messages the universe is trying to send you. I've always had the ability to see the signs and trust my intuition for the most part, but I feel like the changes we have made to our way of life over the last few months have given me a lot more clarity.

Our family's new mindset has led to re-evaluating a lot of how we live our day-to-day life, including taking a step back from the busy, city life and cherishing the time we get to spend together as a family. We are taking a more mindful and spiritual approach to life, following the lunar cycles, the seasons, and nature in general.

I've always had an interest in all things magick, from being interested in fairies and crystals at a very young age, which led to pouring over books at the library for hours, wanting to learn all there was to learn about magical creatures, potions, and spells, etc. If you have ever been to any of my kids craft classes you will know that to me, crafting is a type of magick. Everything, when done with intention, is a type of spell.

So after lots of thought and a bunch of signs from the universe that it was time to move on, I decided to make some changes to my little business to fit more into our new way of life. From now on Wondercraft will be a little bit more magickal, a little bit more witchy, but still with a little bit of craftiness thrown in. The online store and social media will be a family project. Some of my loyal followers will know we have a teenage daughter who is homeschooled, and our learning this year for her has been what we like to call "witch school". Her daily learning is around mindfulness, meditation, using items from nature to manifest intentions, and creating practical items to use in our daily lives to make them more magickal. Some of these items that we are creating together will eventually be available in our online store, including handmade candles, bath & body potions, jewellery and home decor.

Our intention with this new-look Wondercraft is to help other families bring a little bit of magick into their daily lives, and also hopefully set our daughter up with a little business that she can continue on with as she gets older and learns to take on more responsibility for the day to day tasks. At fourteen she already has a pretty good idea of how her future will pan out, and a big part of that is having a business that fits in with her "vanlife" plans, so that she can run it from wherever her van takes her. As a child I always dreamed of running away with the gypsy fair, so I'm more than happy to do whatever I can to support her dreams so that maybe one day she can live the dream for us both.

I understand that some of my followers might not "vibe" with the new Wondercraft, and that's ok. If these last few months have taught us anything, it's that not everyone has the same values and beliefs, and I'm not here to try to force my beliefs on anyone. But if you have an open mind and like what you see so far, please stick around. We are working on updating the website and the online store very soon, and adding new products as they are made/arrive.

Have a magickal day!

x Rhiannon x

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